Table 1

Astronomy Lab Table-I

for Space-Time-Distance Labs

 Speed of Light = 186,000 miles per second
Light Year = 6 trillion miles or 6,000,000,000,000 miles. This is the distance that light travels in one Earth year.
 Parsec= 3.26 light years
CSS = Conventional Space Speed = 1/100 of light speed *
 OSS = Optimal Space Speed = 1/50 of light speed *
SSS = Super Space Speed = 1/10 of light speed *
 Impulse Power = 100,000 miles per hour ***
 A. U = Astronomical Unit = 93,000,000 miles ( this is the average distance between the Earth and the Sun).

 * NOTE : These speeds listed are fictitious speeds. At present we do not have a working spacecraft that can attain speeds faster than about 60,000 mph. Most of our spacecraft work in the 30,000 mph range. For the purpose of our lab we will use these speeds to give you an idea of speed and time in relation to space.

** Ask Mr. Andrews about the blueprints for a REAL starship that in theory could attain the speeds of 1/10 the speed of light with current technology.

***Impulse Power - For the StarTrek fans. Speed was classified so I made an educated guess at 100,000 mph.

 Earth  1.0
 Mars  1.52
 Jupiter  5.2
Saturn   9.52
 Uranus  19.18
 Neptune  30.05
 Charlie-7  46.1
 Sigma-5  93.4