Parents Group


            PARENTS Supporting STUDENTS’ Futures


Group Goal:  To improve the ability of LHS students to better understand and achieve their options for continuing education after high school graduation.


We are a group of parents, with some support from MSAD 49 staff that is connecting to support other parents/students  in the process of getting our children from graduation on to the next step in their future to include:

Apprenticeship                                            Military                                 Employment

2-Year College                                              4 -Year College                     Technical/Trade

We invite you to join us and bring your questions, concerns, previous experience and ideas to share.  We can all learn from each other and want to grow to be a very supportive parent group.  Whether you have kids in the LJHS or LHS; we’d love to have you present at our next meeting.


***********************IMPORTANT DATES COMING UP*************************


PSSF’s Leadership Team: Angel/Tom Spencer -;

Greg Faloon -; Gretchen Ross –; Jan Landry –

Kelly Hunter-Paquette -; Linda Ewing –;

Nora Murray –; Shelley Rudnicki -