Math Class

2nd Quarter

We will start the 2nd quarter off with Topic 4
- Lesson 4.1 will start Tuesday Nov. 1
-Lesson 4.2 will be Wednesday Nov. 2
-Finish Lesson 4.2 on Thursday Nov. 3
-Lesson 4.3 will be Friday Nov. 4
-Finish Lesson 4.3 on Monday Nov. 7
-Lesson 4.4 will be on Tuesday Nov. 8
-Wednesday will be a field trip. Nov. 9
-Finish Lesson 4.4 on Thursday Nov. 10
-Friday is a holiday Nov. 11
-Monday is an inservice day Nov. 14
-Tuesday will be a review day Nov. 15
-Lesson 4.5 will be Wednesday Nov. 16 (turned out to be a review day again)
-Lesson 4.5 will be Thursday Nov. 17
-Lesson 4.6 will be Friday Nov. 18
-Monday will be a review day Nov. 19
-Test on Tuesday Nov. 20