Mr. Marcoux

Mr. Marcoux

Mr. Joey Marcoux -MATH


I have been an active member of the SAD 49 community since 1985. As a senior at Colby College , I was asked to be an assistant freshman football coach here at Lawrence. I grew to love the district and its people and decided to relocate to this area after being offered a teaching position in the junior high. I was originally asked to teach math, science and social studies. Eventually with the restructuring of teams, I have been assigned as a math teacher only....both grade seven and grade eight!

I  lived in the district since the late 1980‘s until a recent move to Winslow and raised my three daughters, Lauren, Erica , and Paige who proudly attended Lawrence High School. The girls were in the classes of 2009 and 2012 and have since moved on with their adult lives.  They were  active members of our school community. I have been a coach of high school baseball and football and am presently the 8th grade girls basketball coach as well as the varsity softball coach.



Classroom Phone: (207) 453-4200 ext.  2337


Mathematics Department
Grade 7


Students’ grades will be based upon:
Warm up activities, Participation, Classwork, Homework, Quizzes, Tests


All home work is to be done in pencil unless done on computer. All work expected on due date. Late work will lose points for everyday it is late.


One day for every day absent...or case by case for extenuating circumstances.