Credits and Copyrights
                         All work for this site was done on: 

 Power MacIntosh 6500
Powerbook   2300  
 IBM E6U                                                 
AMS Tech Travel Pro 6000  
Power Mac-G3         
Gateway ?                                       
  Plus many other various Apple IBooks, IMACS, Power books, and other       
        Superior Apple computer products
Some of the software used in the making of this site:
Adobe Image ready 2.0
Adobe Photoshop 4.0, 5.5 
Adobe Photoshop CS
Adobe PageMill 2.0-3.0 
Adobe Illustrator
 Adobe Elements
Kid Pix software.
Netscape software 
Powerpoint software
Microsoft Frontpage 3.0 
Graphic Converter 2.0
Type Twister
Claris Homepage 3.0
Web pagemaker 2.0
1st page
Web Studio 3.0
Corel Draw 9.0
Corel Photopaint 9.0
ClarisWorks 4.0.
Claris Works 5.0
Lotus Smartsuite

Contributing bits and pieces:

Mrs. Ann Turbyne Andrews (wife,she made me put this in..ha! ha!)
Mr. Brian Barrows ( Technology Support ).
Mr. Patrick Groleau, ( Technology Support, Trouble shooting & Graphics)
M.S.A.D # 49 -8th grade Earth Science Curriculum Guide.
Mr. Charles E. Andrews Laboratory Manuals-Astronomy-Geology-Meteorology-Oceanography
Mr. George R. Andrews Esq., (Retired),Astronomy consultant
The many wonderful people in Cohort-4 (graduate school)
My wonderful daughters who tell me when something looks too boring so I can edit it out

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