Homework & Internet data


   All Homework and assignments are expected to be done on-time.  Work turned in late will result in grade reduction or a zero for the assignment(s) missed.  Students who miss assignments because of illness should make sure that they get all of their make-up work, and then make sure the missed work is done in a timely manner.  It is understood that when a student is out of school, homework and assignments can pile up quickly so please give this area your utmost attention.


All homework assignments are posted in the front of the classroom after they are issued and explained to students by Mr. Andrews.   All assignment papers, labs, etc... will be available for students in the blue cubby's located in Mr. Andrews' room to the right of his work station(desk).   Copies of work will be numbered this year so that students will have an easier time keeping track of assignments.   If a student loses an assignment, lab sheet, etc...he/she will only have to get a copy from the cubby or photocopy a new one. 

              Quizzes and Tests.... All quizzes with the exception of quik-quizzes are given with at least 24 hours notice to students.  The average notice time in recent years has been about 72 hours for a regular quiz.  All students are given at least 5-7 days notice that a test will be given, and on exactly what classwork, labs, Etc... will be tested.  Students can expect to know the type of test/quiz within 24 hours of the test/quiz.  Mr. Andrews varies his quizzes and tests between short answer, open-ended response, fill-ins, matching, drawing/labeling, and multiple-choice. 

     Extra-Credit.... Students are able to do all the extra-credit work that they want in the form of  research reports/ presentations.  Research reports/presentations  must adhere to the guidelines stated by Mr. Andrews.  Research Reports MUST be turned in for credit at least one week before grades close in order to be counted on that academic term.  Research Reports are worth up to 200 points.  Students may also do class presentations as well.   Class presentations can be worth up to 500 points.

All Research Reports and class presentations MUST be approved by Mr. Andrews.  Mr. Andrews reserves the right not to accept extra-credit work if the work done does not meet the criteria listed below: 
To be eligible  for Extra-Credit, students MUST NOT have ANY missing assignments.   The purpose of Extra-Credit is to help boost a students grade by doing EXTRA WORK.   Extra-Credit is not meant to take the place of regular academic work.

#1 - Topic approved by Mr. Andrews
- Outline of work to be done must be presented to Mr. Andrews       before work on a presentation / report can be started.  Planning is a large part of this process.
#3 - Students need to plan for a class presentation of at least 5 minutes but not more than 10 minutes.   A written report should accompany any presentation.
#4 - Students need to site all work, images, movie clips, quotes, etc....All written material and information MUST be in the students own words.
 Plagiarism of any type or amount will NOT BE TOLERATED and result in severe consequences.