Expand Your Mind, and Fly with the knowledge of the stars.

C. Andrews Earth Science teacher A.D 1998

  • Find the Lab Activity that you are looking for in the assigned boxes below:
  • Download any materials that you may need to do the lab. Make sure to use the links page to help you accomplish your tasks. Ask Mr. Andrews if you have any problems with this site.
Lab Activity # 1 Space Time Distance
Lab Activity #2 Galaxies- types, and characteristics.
Lab Activity #3 H-R Diagram-Comparing stars temperature & magnitude.
Lab Activity #4 Spectroscope-Comparing a variety of light sources EMS.
Lab Activity #5 Prisms-Comparing different light sources (Newtonian).
Lab Activity #6 Magnetosphere-Looking at the Earth's Magnetic field.
Lab Activity #7 Scientific Method-Astronomy application
Lab Activity #8 ADP- Astronomical Distance Paper- Alias the T.P lab.
Lab Activity #9 TBA
Lab Activity #10 TBA

Critical Thinking Activities

Activity Problem #1
Space Survival Activity
Activity Problem #2
Asteroids, Comets, Neutron stars- Problems?
Activity Problem #3
Activity Problem #4
SETI-Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence
  • Handout, and Questions.