Rocks and Minerals are the backbone of the Earth

C. Andrews Earth science teacher A.D 1998

    Find the Lab Activity that you are looking for in the assigned boxes below:

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Lab Activity     #1  IML- Introductory Mineral Lab
 Lab Activity   #2  Color and Luster Lab
 Lab Activity   #3  Streak Lab
 Lab Activity   #4  Mineral Hardness Lab
 Lab Activity   #5  C, L, S, H Combined mineral lab
 Lab Activity   #6  Igneous, Metamorphic, and Sedimentary Rock Lab
 Lab Activity   #7  Specific Gravity Demonstration Lab
 Lab Activity   #8 Mineral Lab Unknowns (Lab Exam)
  Lab Activity # 9  Stereoscope Tectonic Lab Activity
 Lab Activity #10  Earthquake Epicenter Labs