Introductory Mineral Lab
Introductory Mineral Lab
    { I M L }

Purpose: To have you observe, and become familiar with some general characteristics of common minerals.


   safety goggles
   magnifying glass
   lab observation sheet


Mineral Samples:

   Talc  Fluorite
   Gypsum  Apatite
   Calcite  Orthoclase Feldspar
   Quartz  Corundum



 Step  1.  In groups of 2 or 3 students, or as directed by Mr. Andrews, obtain all materials needed and return to your seat.
 Step  2.   Once at your seat, you will begin observing characteristics of the sample minerals. Your first observations of each mineral will be observations made only with the naked eye. You are encouraged to discuss your observations with members of your lab group before recording them onto your lab observation sheets.
 Step  3.  Once you, and your group have finished your first observations, you should go back and repeat the procedure using a magnifying glass.
 Step  4.  When you are finished 1,2,3 please analyze your data/observations.
     Click here for Analysis and Conclusion Questions
     Click here for Mineral Observation Data Sheet