Class Expectations (Grade 7)
Mr. Rodrigue's Class Expectations

1.  Expect to learn about Life Science and Physical Science.
That's why we're here.

1a.  You should expect that this will, at times, be hard work.  

2.  Expect that you'll need to have to come to class in order to learn what we're learning.
 Regular attendance in class is much more
important that you might think. 
Absences will always make your job here more difficult.
 Excessive absences almost
always negatively affect your grade.

3.  Expect to be required to come to class prepared every day. 
This always means to bring what you need
for class with you when you arrive. 
This always includes a notebook,
always includes a pen or pencil,
usually includes your computer,
and often includes papers and materials to turn in.

4.  Expect that late assignments will always be reduced in value. If you don't have
some compelling reason for turning in work late, it will not be worth as much
as the same work passed in on time.

5.  Expect that I will always treat you with respect and listen to your concerns and comments. 
I will expect that you will treat me in a similar manner.