Grade 7 Activities and Investigations
The Activities, Investigations, and Interactives Tank


A Visit to the Everglades Acid Lake Analysis
Amusement Park Physics

Analyzing an Ecosystem Animal Classification Animal Cloning 101 
The World's Most Endangered Animals

Astronauts in Space
Atomic Structure Tutorial

Atomic Symbols, Atomic Numbers and Atomic Mass
Atoms: The space between Atoms and Molecules Video Clips
Bill Nye
Carl Sagan
The Quantum World


Biodiversity Hotspots
Bill Nye: Biodiversity 1
Bill Nye: Biodiversity 2
Bill Nye: Biodiversity 3

Biomes Introduction
Biome Millionaire
Biomes Quiz
World Biomes Quiz
Land Biomes Quiz
Biomes of the World Quiz
More Biomes of the World Quiz

Biological Magnification
Biomagnification in Lions
Biomagnification Lecture
Biomes Video Clips
Biomes: Adapting to Deserts
American Grasslands: Tallgrass Prairie
American Grasslands: Shortgrass Prairie
Coastal Biomes
Temperate Deciduous Forest
Biomes: Forests and Seeds
Biomes: Arctic Changes

Body Systems
Boiling Point of a Liquid
Booming Sand

Breathing Earth
Build an Atom

Build-a-Fish Workshop
Build-a-fish workshop II
Build a Roller Coaster Buoyancy Explorer


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Capturing Carbon
(The Artificial Tree)
Carbon Cycle Videos

Carbon Dioxide and the Greenhouse Effect

Carnivorous Plants-2
Carnivorous Plants-1

Catherine Drennan:  Biotech
Chemical Bonds Chladni Plate Coaster Creator
Compare the Poles Comparing the Density of real Gold and Silver
Covalent Bonding
Create a Food Web
Create a Different Food Web



A Story of Archimedes and the Gold Crown

Graphic Organizer for this activity.

Rabbit Decomposition
Producers, Consumers, Decomposers
Decomposers Video

Deep Sea Vents

Density Interactive Activity (non Ipad)
Science Rules! Density Video
The Density Song
What is Density? Density Explained Video.
Density Video II

Desert Biome Designing a Paper Bridge Discovering the Antarctic Ecosystem
Discovery Kids:  
Build a Roller Coaster
Don't go Changing...


Earth's Nine Life Support Systems Ecology Review Games-1
Ecology Review Games-2
Ecology Review Games-3
Endangered Species
in Maine
Endangered Species Poster Template Energy Conversions Energy Roles Easy
Review Game
EM Spectrum-2
EM Radiation
Energy Flow in an Ecosystem Energy Flow in Coral Reef
Evolution of Music Exploring Biodiversity


Floral Arrangements

Flabby Physics
Food Chain Mystery

Food Chains and Food Webs
Food Chains and Food Webs
Frequency Frozen Frogs

The Fungus Among Us
Fungus: A Kingdom of their Own
Biology of Fungi
Six Ways Mushrooms can Save the World
Fungi: Death Becomes Them


Islands that Changed
the World
Galileo on the Moon Galileo's Thought Experiment

Galileo's Gravity Drop

Genetically Engineered Avian Flu
Genetically Modified Foods

The Advantages of genetically modified foods

The controversy over genetically modified foods

Genetic modification throughout history

The future of world hunger

Opposition to genetically modified foods
Glass Breaking with Sound Global Warming:Hydrogen Car Got Gas??
Gravity at Earth’s Center Gravity Launch


Heat Transfer Heike Crabs Helium is Boring
How Light Travels How does evolution
 really work?
Hunting the Elements
Hydrologic Cycle


Infra Red Gallery
Interactive Periodic Table
Interactive Period Table Too
Interactive Periodic Table Tree
Interactive Periodic Table of Comic Books
Visual Elements Periodic Table

Introduction to Ecology 
Invasive Species
Ionic Bonding


Journey North my son.


Kitchen Chaos!


Laser Waterfall Life Science:  Evolution
On-line Quiz
Light Waves: Uncertainty Principle
Light Years Lightning Living on the Coast


Magic Pen Making Tracks: Coaster Creator Making Electricity at a coal
Burning Plant
Mass Extinctions
At the 6th Mass Extinction-1
Call of Life:  Facing Mass Extinction-2
The Jump (Part I)-3
The Jump (Part II)-4

Masses and Springs

Mass VS Weight:
Stretching Mass

Masters of Disguise

Measuring Volume with a Graduated Cylinder Melting Point and Freezing Point Mercury Pollution in Acadia National Park
Mixture or Compound? Momentum Motion Graphs
Mystery Mud: Exploring States of Matter


NASA: EM Spectrum Natural Selection Made Easy
Natural Selection Interactive
Nova: Evolution Project
Evolution in Action
Nitrogen Cycle
Nitrogen Cycle Video
Nowhere to Hide!


Ocean Food Webs One Hundred Greatest Discoveries in Chemistry.
100 Greatest Discoveries (on Google Drive)


ParkWorld Plot Periodic Table of Videos Science Team Franklin's
Periodic Table of the Elements

Physics of Greenhouse Effect

Physical and Chemical Changes
Video Clips
Physical and Chemical Changes at Breakfast
Easiest approach to properties of matter
Matter: Physical and Chemical Properties
Pitch:  Straw Kazoo Prairies, no little House.
On the Prairie
Build a Prairie
Predator and Prey Projectile Motion


Roller Coaster Energy Roller Coaster Physics Roller Coaster Builder
Roller Coasters Online
Roller Coaster Designer
Jason Project Coaster Creator
My Fantastic Park
Roller Coaster Simulator Platinum
FOSSweb Coaster Creator Module
Fear of Physics Coaster Creator
Rolling Ball Incline Ruminants


Safeguarding Alaska's Waters Save Your Skin Skate Park Energy

The Great White Shark
The Greenland Shark
The Hammerhead Shark
The Tiger Shark
The Whale Shark
The White Tip Shark
Sharks in Deep Trouble
Secret World of Sharks and Rays

She's a Witch!

Spool Racer!

Strange Matter
Stephen Hawking: Formation of the Solar System

States of Matter Interactive

Super Salmon! Supermarket Botany


The Hydrologic Cycle The Nitrogen Cycle The Orchid and the Bee
The Particulate Nature of Matter Three States of Matter 'Tis the Burren
Thin Green Line Documentary

Tracking Polar Bears Traits in Cattle Tree Identification Activity

Triple Beam Balance
How to Use a Triple Beam Balance
How NOT to use a Triple Beam Balance
Ohaus Triple Beam Balance Tutorial
Using a Triple Beam Balance

Types of Elements on the Periodic Table and their Properties


Variables, Constants and Control Groups


Walk in the Forest: Tree ID Activity
Water Cycle and Forests
Water Cycle Animations
The Water Cycle
The Water Cycle
with Bill Nye

Water Cycle Rap
What killed the Dinosaurs? What is Matter? What is the World Made of: The Story of Science

X, Y, Z

Zoom: Experimenting with Balloons Zoom: Listening Stick Zoom: Visualizing Vibrations

"Ecosystems and Interactions" Presentations