A global celebration of Earth's many Biomes...

Welcome to Biome-a-Palooza!, your one stop source for information about the many diverse Biomes right here on Planet Earth.  Here at Biome-a-Palooza, our mission is to educate the public about the many benefits of living on a planet with levels of Biodiversity which are legendary throughout the Galaxy! 
As a newly hired, (unpaid) apprentice here at Biome-a-Palooza, your probationary period will determine which sort of position you're offered in our parent organization, Rodrigue Investment Properties.  If you prove your skills, creativity and resourcefulness in this little exercise, you'll soon be well on your way to achieving every young person's dream, becoming a fully certified Agent with Rodrigue Investment Properties, Inc.

Dare to live the life of which you've always dreamed!

The Task:

You and your partners must:

    Choose one Biome on Earth.
    Prepare a presentation which includes:

        A World Map with this Biome's location clearly illustrated.

        A  description of this Biome.

        A  display featuring FIVE common plants and FIVE common animals found in this Biome.  
        You MUST include a brief description of their adaptations to this environment.

        A description of Abiotic Factors in this Biome including:  Average Temperatures per Season,  Yearly Rainfall, Information about the type of Soil present, Source of Freshwater,  a description of the regional climate of this area,
and other interesting information about the abiotic conditions present.

        Be sure to include a few little known facts, some interesting trivia, and other fascinating tidbits of information
             about this Biome.  Make it interesting!
You may present this information in any way you choose

You may choose ANY sort of presentation you prefer.

  Just get the information across to your

You may, of course, utilize any resources available to you.  Our fine Library, the World Wide Web, and whatever written or digital databases as are deemed appropriate.  In short, the information is out there, you have the tools you need, now go and find it!

As a starting point, you might also consider the sources below.



North American


Northern Coniferous

Temperate Decidious


You will be evaluated using the rubrics and scoring charts distributed in class.  You may divide the work within your group as you see fit.  Each section of your display is worth the number of points described on these scoring sheets.  Complete the work in a fair and cooperative manner.  Make this display an example of your chosen group's best work.  Each group member may then share equally in the rewards.  

Thank you for participating in this project.  Your efforts are sure to help the people of this planet better appreciate the wonderful environments that we have been temporarily granted the pleasure of enjoying.