The Faces of Science
The Faces of Science Mini-Project



Throughout history many diverse people have contributed to our understandings.  For example, our understanding about the nature of the Atom, and its structure came not from one person, but from many different people each adding their discoveries to our accumulated knowledge.  Most of the things that we think we understand about this planet come not from one lucky inspiration, but rather from a series of insights gained by very different people, over a long period of time.  Though the faces behind these discoveries often fade from our collective consciousness, the essential knowledge remains.

The purpose of this project is to help us all to remember some of these faces, and help us all to recall who made these contributions to our understanding of this Wonderful World.


Each research group will receive the name and face of one of the major contributors to our understanding about the nature of the "Mighty Atom".  Your group will prepare an informative poster containing various information about this person, as well as some background information about the person behind the face.  You may use any resources that you have at your disposal in order to gather this information.  


Your resulting poster should be standard sized (8 1/2 X 11 inches-the size of a standard sheet of paper).  Your poster should have a the person's full name as the title.  Beneath the title, insert an image of the "face behind the name".  This image should be of your choosing, and one which best illustrates, in your opinion, who this person is, or was.  Beneath the image you may organize the poster in any manner you choose.  You should include a variety of biographical information about the person including the following: Birth/Death Date, Age, Birthplace.  You should also include some information which gives an insight into this person's personality or habits.  You must also include a summary of this person's contribution to the Science of the Atom.  


Thank you, and congratulations,  for completing this project and for helping the general public learn a bit more about one of the major contributors to our understanding of this Wonderful World.


John Dalton

 Niels Bohr

James Chadwick

Ernest Rutherford

John J. Thomson

Scoring Guide
 Poster Content: 40%
Poster Design: 40%
Group Process: 20%

Poster Content-8 points each

Birth/Death Date_____

Poster Design-10 points each

Font _____

Group Process-5 points each

Productive Use of Time_____
Fair Share_____

Overall Quality Score-5 points