Wanted! Not Dead Nor Alive
Not Dead Nor Alive
 The Periodic Gang

The dreaded Periodic Gang is back in town.  Led by a man known only as Mr. Hydrogen,
he's famous for his explosive temper, and his willingness to react violently with other elements.


Marshall Homer Simpson/Marshall Matthew Dillon
"When they're done with these criminals there won't be enough left of them to snore."

Some low-down, no-good varmints have waltzed off with ALL of the powdered condiments from our local Dunkin' Donuts business! Can you believe it???  All of the powdered sugar, all the chocolate jimmies, all the multi colored sprinkles, the powdered cinnamon, everything!  They even waltzed off with all of those little packets of powdered artificial sweetners! They need to be caught to receive the justice that they deserve!!  To help us track down these fools, we've hired two of the best Lawmen of all time, pictured above.  

The Task:

Your job is to construct two or more "Wanted" posters to help the public become more familiar with the members of the Periodic Gang.  Using the Periodic Table link, and the notes that you recorded from the Nottingham Periodic Videos website, utilize the information to construct your Wanted Posters. Two posters are required, you may choose to complete up to five posters for this project.

Each wanted poster must include the following information:  Element's Name,  Element's Symbol, Atomic Number, Atomic Mass, Common and/or industrial uses for the element (What it's wanted for---get it?), Date of discovery, Who discovered the Element, Other Brief yet Interesting facts about the Element such as its physical and chemical properties, and an image of the element, or of something made of the element.  

Wanted Poster Template.

Your poster will be evaluated using the scoring guide distributed in class.

We want to thank you for your participation in this project.  It is through efforts like this from kind hearted people like you that these low down, no-good weasels will be caught and brought to the justice that they so richly deserve.  So until we meet again, remember that no one but cattle know why they stampede and they ain't talking.  May your saddlebags be full, your horse be happy and your six-gun rusty from lack of use.
Happy Trails to you...

Deputy Festus Hagen
"He was mad enough to swallow a horn toad backwards."

Grading Chart for this project

Poster Content: (80%)
Element's Name: 5 pts possible
Element's Symbol: 5 pts possible
Atomic Number: 5 pts possible
Atomic Mass: 5 points possible
Common or Industrial Uses: 20 pts possible
When was it discovered?: 10 pts possible
By Whom?: 10 pts possible
Other Interesting, brief facts?: 10 pts possible
Image of the Element? 10 points possible

Poster Design: (20%)
Font Choice: 5 pts possible
Format: 5 pts possible
Mechanics (spelling, punctuation, etc.): 10 pts possible

Total Score: _____

A very nice Periodic Chart

My Heroes have always been Cowboys...