Grade 8 Activities and Investigations

Activity and Investigation Section

Unexpected results can still be a learning experience...


Alaska Volcano Observatory Arctic Climate System Astronomical Images in
Different Wavelengths

Attack of the Sun Video
Attack of the Sun Questions


Big Wave Science
Black Holes and Beyond Breaking up is hard to do!
Breathing Earth Breathing on Mt. Everest


Capturing Carbon
(The Artificial Tree)

Catch the Wave! Carbon Dioxide and the Greenhouse Effect Causes of Earthquakes
Circle the Pacific: The Ring of Fire Tour Clean Coal
Collecting Data
below the Earth's surface
Continental Drift Review Questions Cosmic Voyage 1
Cosmic Voyage 2
Cosmic Voyage 3
Create-a-'Cane Creatures of the Deep


Dating Lava Flows Deep Sky Videos Documenting Glacial Change
Do We Really Need the Moon?
Drain the Ocean Website (National Geographic)


Eris Earth as a System EarthCam Network
Earthquakes: Prehistoric Records Earthquake Hazards Program Earth in Motion: Seasons
Earth's Structure Review Games Earth's Tilt #1: The Reasons for the Seasons
Earth's Tilt #2: Land of the Midnight Sun
Lunar Eclipse
Elements: Forged in Stars El Nino-1
El Nino-2 El Nino and Hurricanes Escape the Lava
Exploring the Ring of Fire




Galapagos: Born of Fire
Global Change Master Directory Global Warming and the Greenhouse Effect
Global Seismic Monitor

The Background....

The Start of the Gold Rush

Gold Rush: The Story of Us

Gold Rush:  Wagon Train to Land of Gold

The Techniques...
How to Pan for Gold and tame wild animals.
Panning for Gold with the BB Guy.
Panning for Gold with Yukon Dan.

Panning for Gold with Parker Schnabel.

Gravity Movie

Greenland Ice Sheet 2


Hitchhiker's Guide to Noteworthy Volcanoes
When you really don't know where to turn...

 How Hurricanes Form

How the Earth's Tilt Causes Seasons

 H-R Diagram
HR Diagram Interactive


Ice, Ice Baby...

Maine's Ice Age Trail

Ice and Global Warming

Try this website to view the video
Ice Shelf and Ice Sheet Simulation
If the Ice Melts? If We Had No Moon

Iris Seismic Monitor

It's a Marvelous Night for a Moon Dance


Japan March 2011 Earthquake
Jocelyn Bell

K, L

Kingdom of the Oceans Life and Death of a Star1
Life and Death of a Star2
Life and Death of a Star3
Life and Death of a Star4
Life and Death of a Star5


Maine Mineral Treasure Hunt Minerals in our Environment Mineral Identification Project
Mineral and Gemstone Kingdom MegaBeasts'
Models of the solar system
Moon Phases

Monsters We Met

Smilidon Clip
A Mammoth Undertaking
Titans of the Ice Age

Mother Earth

Mount St. Helens Back from the Dead 1,2,3,4,5,6
Mount St. Helens: Before and After Mount St. Helens:  This Place in Time Mountain Maker: Earth Shaker Program
MTU Volcanoes Page Music of the Night

N, O

Observing Antarctica Ocean
Ohio Fossil Beds
Origins of the Elements


PaleoMap Project Plate Tectonics Plate Tectonics: An Introduction
Plate Tectonics:  Further Evidence Plate Tectonics Tutorial Physics of the Greenhouse Effect
Prehistoric Predators

Q, R

Race to Space

Ring of Fire 1
Ring of Fire 2
Ring of Fire 3
Ring of Fire 4

Ring of Fire Website
Ring of Fire
(How the Earth was Made)
Rocks and The Rock Cycle

Grading Chart
Rock Cycle Interactive Rock and Mineral Based Diversions Rocks and Minerals: The Hard Facts

Online Quiz
Rocks of Ages Rocks: Solid Earth Materials Rock Identification Key
Rock Identification Key
Rodrigue Investment Properties

Things are not always as they seem...


SAGAN: On the Moon Scale of the Universe Sea Floor Explorer
Seasons Video Clips
Ignite Learning Seasons
Bill Nye 1
Bill Nye 2

Secrets in the Salt Sedimentary Rocks Review Games Sixty Symbols
Soils around the World Solar Eclipses Solar System Scope
Snow Flake Physics Standard Deviants:  Minerals Stormy Weather
Strange new planet Strangest Things in the Universe Sun Basics
Sun Prezi
SuperVolcano Supervolcano! (Full Movie)


Tectonic Plates, Earthquakes and Volcanoes Ten Things you didn't know about Earthquakes. Ten Things you didn't know about Volcanoes
The Big Beginning The Changing Arctic Landscape The Hubble Telescope

The Most Important Image ever Taken

The Most Distant Galaxies Ever Seen

The Ultra-Deep Field

Ultra Deep in 3D
Tour the National Parks
Bryce Canyon
Grand Canyon
The Gulf Stream The World of Volcanoes

The Trieste

Tsunami: Caught on Tape
Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4
Part 5
Part 6

U, V

Virtual Earthquake Interactive Virtual Sun Interactive Virtual Volcano
Volcanism Volcano Video Clips
1991 Mount Pinatubo
Mount Pinatubo Summary Part 1
Mount Pinatubo Summary Part 2
Montserrat 1995
Dave Crockett escapes from Mt. Saint Helens
Nevado Del Ruis in Columbia 1985
Mount Kilauea in Hawaii
Mount Unzen in Japan 1991
Mount Saint Helens 1980
Mount Etna in Italy
Meet Harry Truman from Mt. St. Helens
Meet Harry Truman some more!
Mount St. Helens 30th anniversary special
Another Nevado del Ruis video
Yellowstone Eruption Scenario
The Mount St. Helens Eruption
Yellowstone News Report


Warmer Oceans Affect Food Webs Warming Trend and the Greenhouse Effect
Watershed Video Questions
Wave of Destruction We Are Dust
Weather Watchers' Handbook

"What Lies Beneath" Poster Template "What Lies Beneath" Graphic Organizer with General Instructions
World's Water Supply at Risk

X, Y, Z

Yellowstone Scenic Tour Yellowstone Supervolcano Interactive


Knowledge is Power.