Rodrigue Investment Properties
Rodrigue Investment Properties
Offworld Farscape Fantasies, Inc.

From our first beach front property in 1969 (pictured above), to our 
latest all-inclusive surf-side resort on the 
Jovian moon Europa, Rodrigue Investment Properties continues to seek out,
develop, and offer for purchase the finest offworld properties available
 in the galaxy.

WELCOME to our real estate family.  You have been selected to assist in the further development of properties within our own Solar System.  As you know, recent trends in tourism have seen travelers stay closer to their home planet, while demanding the finest of amenities. Rodrigue Investment Properties has committed itself to finding new ways to exploit our holdings within our own solar system, in order to maximize our profit margins. Your task is to make that vision a reality.

THE TASK: Shortly, you will be asked to choose a location currently under development by Rodrigue Investment Properties.  Rodrigue Investment Properties holds "options" on many exciting properties here in our lovely solar system, each of these locations has much to offer our investors, though it often takes a creative business person to help our investors see the sometimes hidden fabulous nature of these properties. Your task is to prepare support materials for an upcoming presentation for key prospective investors.  While you will not actually be pitching our idea to our investors, your support materials will play a key part in moving this business idea forward. 

  • Your support materials will take two forms: 1. A really nice Presentation about your proposed property.  2.  An Advertising Poster for your property.

Your Presentation can take many forms. 
    Such as: A KeyNote Presentation, A Prezi PresentationA Doceri PresentationA Show Me Presentation,  
        An Explain Everything PresentationAn Educreations  Presentation, or an I-Movie.  
        Each of these Presentation tools has a FREE APP on the Ipad. 
 I've linked each of the above tools to a short video tutorial.  
        Try something new!  Don't use the 'same old' technology! 
        Each of these tools can do the job for you, and I think you'll enjoy the flexibility that each offers.  

Your Presentation must include the following information:

You should include in your presentation a description, or illustration, of what amenities, activities and special features will make this property worthy of Rodrigue Investment Properties, Offworld Farscape Fantasies, Incorporated's fine reputation.  

This entire presentation is a sort of digital advertising commercial.  Our goal is to sell the property (or at least our vision of what the project could be) to our investors.  With enough of their money, we can make dreams come true.  Our dreams.  Definitely.  Yeah..

Size of the planet or moon,  (diameter)

Distance from the Sun, (in miles or kilometers)

Time required to travel that distance using our "Interplanetary Shuttle Service" (currently under development)

Time required to travel that distance using conventional means,

Surface conditions on the planet or moon (atmospheric composition, surface composition, temperature),

Length of a day on the planet (rotation rate),

Time it takes the planet to make one revolution around our sun (which of course determines the length of one year on the planet)


Your Advertising Poster should be 8.5 X11 inches in size and designed to be eye catching and to attract the attention of our clients.  Your poster should include the name of the resort, its location and illustrate a number of features that make this resort one of the solar system's finest.  


Our Research Department estimates that currently, our fastest attainable speed for interplanetary travel is approximately 60,000 km/hour ( or around 41,000 mph- based upon the speed of existing space probes )

Our Research Department estimates that when our proposed Interplanetary Shuttle Service is on-line and fully operational, we will be able to reach speeds of 1/2 Light Speed. (approximately 360 million mph or about 500 million km/hour) ((Okay, we know that this is, like, 10,000 times faster than our fastest travel speeds today--but hey--we're fast learners.))

This formula may be helpful in your calculations:
  Travel Time = Distance/Speed


Sha-Kee-Rah, our agent from the Venus Institute
of Resorts and Unusual Sales

Listen up people, we're here to sell property, not to discuss Earth's technological limitations.  Actually, we're not even selling the property, (since we don't really own it in a technical, or legal, sense).  We're pretty sure that no one else owns the property though, so as soon as our investors come up with the cold, hard cash, we're pretty sure that we could swing a deal.  

The other thing is that people really want to plan for the future, and we're in the "making dreams come true business".  Our goal is to have plans in place for how the properties will be utilized, when and if the technology to make our client's dreams a reality is available.

You need to brainstorm ways to make a resort property work at the selected locations.  First become familiar with what your location has to offer.  Lots of people might call these "challenges to human survival" on a given planet, but we prefer to think of these as "opportunities yet to be exploited".  When you're familiar with your properties' environment, brainstorm how you could take advantage of the natural environment to make a real tourist destination a reality in that location.  Use your imaginations, be creative!  How else could we have opened a "beach front" property on Earth's moon?  I mean, think  about it, lots of real estate agents might have given up on the idea, since the moon has NO liquid water.  Here at Rodrigue Investment Properties, Inc. however, we refuse to turn our noses up to a perfectly good beach front property, even if that's all that there is, beach, beach and more beach.  

Don't focus on what a property HASN'T got, focus on what it HAS, and make that work for you, and our clients. 


You've gotta sell it people.  Convince your investors that they would be a fool to take a pass on this opportunity.  Persuade them to see the property as you see it.  Picture that glass as half full, not half empty. 
Also, try not to break any intergalactic laws by actually telling an untruth.  There's a fine line between deceiving someone, and simply persuading them to see things your way.  We're in the happiness business here, matching people up with their dream properties, and matching Rodrigue Investment Properties, Inc. up with cash.  It's a win-win situation.  Potentially.

First things first, as things stand today, we have absolutely NO technology which will allow us to transport our clients at about half the speed of light.  None.  Nada.  Zilch.  Zippo.  Even our estimates of our current fastest attainable speed are based upon the speed of the space probe Voyager, launched in the 1980's.  Voyager is a relatively small probe, with a minimum of on board equipment, navigational controls, or computing technology.  Voyager couldn't carry a mouse at those speeds (at least, not a LIVE mouse).  However, here at Rodrigue Investment Properties, Offworld Farscape Fantasies, Inc., we are eternal optimists. Who are we to say that this technology will never be developed?  We are committed to prepare to be the first in position to exploit that technology as soon as it is developed, on behalf of our client/investors.


In order to make it easier for our clients to understand the scale of our solar system, we always compare each of the planets or moons on which a property will be located with the Earth ( a planet with which most of our clients are familiar).

In order to compare ANY aspect of a planet(or moon) to Earth, all you need to do is divide by Earth's values.

To compare a planet's size to Earth's size, in order to find out how much bigger or smaller it may be than our planet, the procedure is rather simple.  First find the planet or moon's diameter, and divide that number by Earth's diameter.  If the number that you get is less than 1.0  then the planet or moon is smaller than Earth. For example, if the number that you get is 0.5, then that planet is about half as large as Earth.  If the number is greater than 1.0 then the planet is LARGER THAN EARTH. For example, if you divide the planet's diameter by Earth's diameter and get a result of say, 8.7, then that planet is 8.7 times larger than Earth.  If you were making a scale model, then you would decide how large you wanted Earth to be, then, simply multiply that number by the result that you got when you divided the planet's diameter by Earth's diameter.  For example, if we made Earth 5 inches in diameter on our model, and a planet was 8.7 times larger than Earth, then the planet would be (8.7 X 5 inches) in diameter or 43.5 inches in diameter.

 Now, go back and reread this section.  
It's a bit mathematical, but it's definitely within your abilities.

This same technique will work when visualizing how much further from the sun a given planet is than the Earth.  Simply divide distance BY Earth's distance from the sun.  If the result is less than 1.0, then the planet is closer to the sun than Earth. If the number is more than 1.0, then the planet is that many times further from the sun than is the Earth.  



This rubric will be used to judge the content of your presentation
Travel Times
Surface Conditions
Length of
Special Features
Size of planet is accurate. Distance is accurate.
Travel times using shuttle service AND conventional means are completely accurate.
All surface conditions are completely and accurately

Length of day and year are both accurately, and 
clearly reported.

Several amenities or special features are fully described and explained completely and understandably.
Size and distance mostly correct and accurate.
Travel times are mostly accurate.
Surface conditions are mostly completely and accurately described.  Minor omissions.
Length of day and year are accurate, though slightly unclear.
Several  amenities or special features are mostly completely described in an understandable manner.
Size and distance values moderately inaccurate.
Travel times are partially accurate, or one is greatly inaccurate.
Surface conditions are only partially described, larger omissions in details are evident, or some details are noted incorrectly.
Lapses exist in the length of day or year on the planet, in terms of accuracy or clarity.
A small number of amenities are described, but the description leaves out  many details.
Size and distance values are way, way off.  
Travel times are greatly inaccurate.
Major lapses exist in the description of surface conditions on the planet.
Major lapses in the accuracy of the descriptions or clarity of the descriptions.
An attempt is made to describe proposed amenities or special features, but most important details are missing.

This rubric will be used to judge the overall effect of your Presentation
Text and Graphics are neatly done and visually 
attractive to the viewer.  Fonts are appropriate for the task, and are not distracting or difficult to read.  
The Presentation  itself looks professionally done and text and graphic choices compliment one another and add to the overall effectiveness of the brochure.
Layout is very effective.  The various elements
of the presentation are clearly delineated and the information is easy for the viewer to access.  Text and Graphics are appropriate to the task, and add to the overall effectiveness of the presentation
Graphic choices compliment the overall effect of the presentation.  The images chosen support the text and serve to clarify the characteristics of the resort property.
This presentation is exceptionally well done in all respects.
Text and Graphics are relatively neatly done and relatively attractive
to the viewer.  Fonts are somewhat difficult to read or somewhat distracting
to the reader.  Text and Graphics choices at times do not attractively meld together.  
The presentation is well done, but some areas could use improvement.
Layout is moderately effective.  Most of the required elements of the presentation are clearly delineated and the information is moderately easy for the viewer to access.
Graphic choices mostly compliment the overall effect of the presentation. Most images support the text and clarify the characteristics of the resort, while others seem contrive or confusing.
This presentation is moderately well done in all respects.  There are a relatively small number of areas needing minor improvement.
Text and Graphics are present, though do not add in any considerable way to the effectiveness of the presentation. //Font choices are generally confusing or difficult to read.//Many obvious problems are not corrected.
Layout is somewhat effective.  Some important elements of the presentation are missing, or poorly done.  Too much information is lost to the viewer.
Some graphics choices make sense, and some do not.  Areas needing graphics of some sort exist without appropriate graphics.
The presentation is somewhat well done.  There are too many areas needing improvement.
Limited text and graphics.//Fonts are distracting. //Let's face it, this is poorly done.
Layout is pretty confusing.  Lots of information is difficult to find, or missing entirely.
Graphics are so poorly done as to be entirely ineffective, or non existent.
The presentation is poorly done, let's face it.

This rubric will be used to judge your Advertising Poster
Poster is attractive and catches the
eye.  There is a clear message. 
The purpose of the graphics chosen
and text used is clear, and the
poster presents a convincing argument in 
favor of this resort. 
Graphics choices are
clear, high quality, interesting and effectively
engage the viewer.
Both choice of font, and written text itself is highly readable, visible and effective for the task.  Written text is engaging and draws the reader into the magic world of this resort.
The poster calls to the readers 
attention several unique features of this resort.  The poster was highly effective.

Poster contains a clear message, but
is organized in such a way that some of the
message is lost.  The poster is only effective
when viewed closely, and has little "eye catching"
Graphics choices are 
moderately effective for their task.  
Font choice is moderately effective for the task.  Written text is moderately engaging, and draws the reader into the magic world of this resort to some extent.
At least one of this resorts
 unique features is detailed in the poster.  The poster was moderately effective.
Poster does not contain a clear message, but
is somewhat eye catching.  More attention needs to
be given to catching and keeping our clients' interest
in this property.
Graphics choices are
minimally effective for their
Font choices are somewhat difficult to read, or are somewhat ineffective for their purpose.  Written text is brief, or only partially engages the reader.  A bit more editing of this text would have increased the overall effectiveness of the piece.
An attempt was made to illustrate a feature of this resort
but it was only partially effective.  The poster was minimally effective.
The poster is mostly ineffective.  It neither catches
the eye, nor effectively "sells" the viewer on the
unique qualities of this resort property.
Graphics choices are 
not effective.  They are not of high quality, they do not engage the viewers interest, and they do not enhance the overall effect of the poster.
No graphics may be present.
Font choice is poor.  Written text is 
extremely limited and barely
engages the readers' interest.  Words can  paint a picture, and your choices of which words to use needs to be carefully considered.  
The poster simply doesn't do a very good job at all of 
letting people know why they would want to spend their money here.

Your final score will be a reflection of the scores you achieve on each of the above rubrics .
Your scores will be sent to our business office for conversion to Rodrigue Investment Properties, Offworld Farscape FAntasies dollars.
Your Rodrigue Investment Properties Offworld Farscape Fantasies dollars can be converted to the currency of your choice in many convenient locations around the Galaxy.
See any RipOff Representative for details.
Void Where Prohibited by Law.

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