Weather Watchers' Handbook
The Weather Watchers' Handbook
Research Division
Spring 2012 Edition


The Weather Watchers' Handbook is a valuable guide for anyone spending time on or near our beautiful Gulf of Maine. Mariners and landlubbers alike benefit from our extensive inventory of weather related information. Our field offices are located in historic lighthouses along the coast of Maine.  As a research assistant, your job is to add information about the weather to our vast database.  You will live and work on site in an authentic lighthouse while conducting your weather research.  You will find that these lighthouses have been equipped with the most modern and technologically up to date equipment available to aid you in your research. In doing this work, you become a valuable member of our Weather Watchers' Network.  

Your Tasks!

You may complete these activities in any order you choose.  Hand in activities to the "Editor" as they are completed.  Your "Job Efficiency Rating" will be recorded in your employee file.  You may complete as many activities and analysis questions as you want, accumulating as many points as you desire, up to a Maximum of 100 points. 

Refer to these Format Guidelines to properly format your entries prior to submission to the Editor. 


"The Activities"

Complete as many activities as you want,  accumulating as many points as you desire.  Hand in each activity to the editor as soon as it is completed.

High and Low Pressure Movement Analysis- (8 points)
Graphing: High/Low/Average Temps (5 points)
Frontal System Movement Analysis-  (8 points)
Charting: Daily Cloud Cover
 (3 points)
Weather Analysis for High Pressure Systems- (5 points)
Charting: Daily Weather Conditions (3 points)
Weather Analysis for Low Pressure Systems- (5 points)
Analysis: Wind Direction/Pressure Systems (3 points)
Weather Analysis for Cold Fronts- (5 points)
Analysis: Humidity/Fronts (3 points)
Weather Analysis for Warm Fronts (5 points)
Analysis: Temp/Pressure Systems (3 points)
Weather Analysis for other fronts- (5 points)
Analysis: Windspeed/Fronts (3 points)
Movement Analysis for Other Fronts- (8 points)
Analysis: Wind Direction/Fronts (3 points)
Analysis: Cloud cover and Temperature- (5 points)
Analysis: Temp/Weather Conditions (3 points)
Analysis: Temperature and Fronts- (5 points)
Analysis: Clouds/Fronts (3 points)
Analysis: Clouds and Pressure Systems- (5 points)
Analysis: Jet Stream/Fronts (3 points)
Analysis: Jet Stream/Storms (3 points)
Analysis: Jet Stream/Weather Conditions (3 points)
Analysis: Air Pressure/Weather (3 points)
Analysis: Air Pressure/Cloud Cover (3 points)
Analysis: Air Pressure/Temperature (3 points)
Analysis: U.S. Weather Patterns (3 points)
Analysis: Severe Weather Outbreaks (4 points)
Analysis: Personal Discoveries ( 4 points)
Analysis: Jet Stream/Pressure Systems (3 points)

You are encouraged to use whatever resources you can find.  Use internet sources AND local sources such as newspaper and televison news weather reports.  You may also collect some data through DIRECT OBSERVATIONS that you make of local weather conditions.

The RESOURCES link will connect you to a page with a variety of on-line weather resources.

"The On-line Resources Link"

"The Helpful Hints Section" 

Organization is the key to success on this assignment.  

determine what information is available, what information you need to collect each day, and which questions you'll attempt to answer.

Gather and Collect your data each day.  Remember that some questions require you to
gather several days worth of data in order to be able to complete the analysis.

Prepare (and save) one page for each activity using the required format.  As you complete
each activity, complete each page, making sure to include whatever maps, charts, graphs, etc.
are required for each activity.

Hand in each activity or analysis as soon as you have completed it.  DO NOT attempt
to pass in all of your work on the deadline day.

Your editor will keep a running tally of activities completed, and points earned to date.  

YOU must ALSO keep a running list of which assignments you've turned in.  The editor WILL NOT TOLERATE repeated requests to "look at the book".  He's very sensitive about this...