Analysis: Air Pressure/Weather
How does Air Pressure (barometric pressure) affect local weather?

We all know that air pressure, or barometric pressure is caused by air molecules hitting surfaces.  The higher you go in the atmosphere, the less air pressure there is.  

We also know that air pressure fluctuates or changes each day.  Some days it's slightly higher than average, some days it's slightly lower than average.  We measure these changes in air pressure with an instrument called a BAROMETER.  

Is our weather affected in any way by the changes in air pressure?  Interesting question, don't you think?

Refer to your records of the air pressure for this area.  For each day, try to determine if certain types of weather are more likely when the pressure is higher than average or lower than average.  If you see some relationship, prepare your report for our readers.

Be sure to attach supporting documentation for your claims in the form of charts, graphs or maps.  Be sure that your explanation is very clear and understandable.

When you're ready, submit your completed entry to The Editor using the Format Guidelines.