Analysis: Air Pressure/Cloud Cover

Does air pressure (barometric pressure) have an effect on the amount of clouds in the sky?

Many of our readers would like to be able to predict how many clouds will be in the sky on a particular day.  Our readers prefer to go to the beach on sunny, not cloudy days.  Likewise, many of our readers say that if they know that a cloudy day is coming, they may choose indoor activities to do on such a day.  Many readers also like to co-ordinate their clothing to the type of weather on a given day.  One doesn't need to wear a silk sun hat on a cloudy day after all...does one?

Consult your resources and try to find a relationship between the air pressure and the cloud cover on a given day. Collect air pressure data, and cloud data each day for a number of days.   Is it cloudier when the pressure is higher or lower, than average?  If a relationship can be found, then our readers will be able to predict how cloudy each day will be based upon the air pressure readings that they obtain from their barometers.  Wouldn't that be lovely?

Formulate your hypothesis based upon what you observe.  Prepare your report to The Editor with the appropriate evidence that supports your hypothesis. 

 Be sure to follow the Format Guidelines.