Analysis: Clouds and Pressure Systems

Is there a connection between clouds and the presence of pressure systems?

What IS the relationship between clouds and High/Low pressure systems?  Do clouds appear when High pressure is around, or when Low pressure is near?  Do clouds disappear when a Low Pressure System comes along, or when a region is visited by a High Pressure system??

Since many of our readers enjoy photographing the beautiful Maine coast, and since High and Low pressure systems seem to be fairly common weather events, it would be handy to know if one caused the other...don't you think?

Examine your maps and first focus on Low Pressure systems.  Find a Low Pressure system moving in to an area and check to see if that brought more or less cloud cover with it.  

Next, examine your maps for a High Pressure system.  Did it bring more or less cloud cover to an area?

Develop your hypothesis about the relationship between cloud cover and the presense of pressure systems by examining your data, and the resources available to you.  When you're sure of your findings, prepare them for submission to The Editor using the Format Guidelines.  

Be sure to include maps or charts which support your claims.  Be sure that your explanation is clear and understandable.