Analysis: Humidity/Fronts

Do Frontal Systems affect the humidity of an area?

Humidity is a measure of the amount of moisture in the air. Humidity has a lot to do with how comfortable or uncomfortable it is during the summertime.  Many of our readers like to keep up to date about changes in the humidity in their area.

Is the level of humidity in an area affected when Cold Fronts or Warm Fronts come into,
or leave, an area?

Check your data to see if there is a link between humidity and either Cold Fronts or Warm Fronts. Formulate your hypothesis based
 upon your information.

Prepare your report for The Editor using the format guidelines. 

You should include at least one map for each Cold Front or Warm Front.  If your maps don't show humidity, then you must also show how you know about the humidity of the area that you are talking about. You might use a chart for humidity in that area, or include another map showing humidity for the area.