Analysis: Jet Stream/Storms

How does the Jet Stream affect storms?

The Jet Stream is a current of fast moving air located in the Stratosphere.  It moves from West to East at speeds up to several hundred miles per hour.  We know that ALL weather is isolated in the Troposphere, far below the stratosphere and the current of air called the Jet Stream.

Is it possible that the Jet Stream somehow affects the weather going on thousands of feet below?  

Focus on storm systems.  Thunder storms, rain, snow storms, even frontal systems.  Can you see any relationship between these storms and the daily position of the Jet Stream?  

If you DO see a relationship, then our readers should be the first to know about it.  Develop your hypothesis based upon the evidence that you have available.  Use whatever maps and visual aids that you find necessary to convince the reader of the validity of your hypothesis.

Be sure to explain your ideas clearly and in an understandable way.  

Prepare your report to The Editor using the Format Guidelines.