Analysis: Temperature and Fronts

What is the relationship between Temperature and Frontal Systems?

Do fronts affect the temperature of an area??  We know it can't be as simple as cold fronts bring cold weather and warm fronts bring warm weather.  That would be too simple wouldn't it?

So...DO fronts affect the temperature of an area?  Look at your maps and find an area affected by either a cold front or a warm front.  Observe the temperatures before the front passes and after.  Did the temperatures go up when the front passed over?  Did the temperatures go down?  Was there a difference depending on which side of the front you were on?  

Formulate a hypothesis about the relationship between temperatures and the presence of frontal systems. (cold, warm, occluded, stationary, or all four types).  Be sure to support your hypothesis with maps and information that supports your hypothesis.  Be sure to clearly explain your hypothesis to our readers.  

Prepare your report using the Format Guidelines, and submit your completed work to The Editor.