Analysis: U.S. Weather Patterns

Certain parts of the U.S. seem to keep getting the same kinds of weather...why is that?

Have you ever noticed that some parts of our country seem to keep getting the same kind of weather?  Or maybe certain parts of our country seem to always be near Low or High Pressure Systems, or Cold Fronts, or name it??

Though these areas don't directly affect our Maine weather, many of our readers like to travel during their vacation time.  If we could let them know about certain types of weather to expect in certain parts of the country, many of them might find that helpful.  I mean...let's face it, sunbathers probably aren't heading to Oregon, and people who hate the sun probably are NOT planning vacations in Florida.

Examine your resources to find any patterns.  Describe your findings in your report to The Editor.  Be sure to attach proper documentation to support your claims.