Analysis: Wind Direction/Fronts
Do approaching fronts, or departing fronts, have an effect on the wind direction in an area?

Many of our readers would like to know if the arrival of a front, or the departure of a front, can change the wind direction in an area.  I think that the idea is that they could predict the weather changes brought on by the arrival or departure of a front, by keeping an eye on the wind direction. I'm pretty sure that they're going to be doing this to make themselves feel big, or somehow popular amongst their friends.  Who knows??  They'll probably show up at their  yacht club one afternoon and be all like "It's gonna be rainy soon, I just know it, because the wind has shifted you fools, because the wind has shifted!!"  I know this sounds like obnoxious behavior, but who are we to judge?

Examine your resources and see if you can see any relationship between the presence of fronts, and the direction that the wind is coming from.  If you see a connection, prepare your hypothesis and report to The Editor.

Be sure to include evidence to support your claims.  Who knows, maybe the Editor himself will use this little trick to make himself seem "cool".