Analysis: Wind Direction/Pressure Systems

Do Pressure Systems affect Wind Direction?

Does the wind direction change when High or Low Pressure systems come into an area?  Maybe a change in wind direction might signal the arrival or departure of a High or Low Pressure system? If this is true, our readers would certainly want to know about it, wouldn't they??

Examine wind direction in an area during the coming and going of a pressure system into the area. Do this for both High and Low Pressure systems.  Does the direction of the wind change before, or after, these pressure systems arrive?  Does the wind direction change after the pressure system departs?

Prepare a hypothesis bases upon your observations.  Be sure to include evidence such as charts, maps or the like which will support your hypothesis.

Prepare your report, being especially clear and understandable.  Be sure to follow the Format Guidelines, and submit your report to The Editor.