Format Guidelines
"Your Title goes here in Bold Print"
Make your title the same as the question that you are answering.

Insert  maps or charts here which show evidence that supports your answer to the question.  The number of maps required depends on the question you are answering, and guidelines are included in the instructions for each activity.


Insert a typed section here which clearly explains your findings.  Remember that this is supposed to be a useful guidebook, so your answers must be clear, understandable and fully supported by your evidence.  

(This part goes on the bottom of your page)

"Researched and submitted by:  YOUR NAME HERE"

in other words...

Make EACH page you submit the same format as THIS page.  The title, or question you're answering, on the top of the page.  

followed by...

Maps, Charts, Graphs or whatever other evidence you have found to support your hypothesis.

followed by...

A short, concise, CLEAR typed section explaining your hypothesis.  

followed by...

the words: "Researched and Submitted by (Your Name)