Weather Analysis for Cold Fronts

What kind of weather do Cold Fronts bring?

Cold Fronts are a common feature on our weather maps, moving generally from West to East, or from North to South. They can bring dramatic changes in the weather, and every Weather Watcher needs to know what kinds of changes to expect.

Examine your maps and other resources to locate a cold front somewhere in the United States.  Now check to determine what kind of weather the areas closest to a cold front was experiencing.  You might want to look on both sides of the front to see if the weather changes, depending on which side of the front you're on.

When you have developed your hypothesis, check other maps and materials to see if they support your ideas.  
When you've checked a number of maps, and your hypothesis is still supported, prepare your findings for submission to The Editor.  

You should include a minimum of two maps to support your ideas.