Weather Analysis for High Pressure Systems

What kind of weather do High Pressure Systems bring?

High Pressure systems move like most weather systems, from West to East. If we can determine what sort of weather High Pressure systems bring, we can improve the accuracy of our forecasts.

Using your maps and other resources, carefully examine areas of the U.S. where High Pressure systems are present. 

Use your resources to examine the weather conditions affecting these same areas of the U.S. Begin to formulate your hypothesis about what kind of weather these pressure systems bring.  Confirm your hypothesis by looking at other maps to determine the location of High Pressure Systems, and then find out what kind of weather those areas were experiencing while the High Pressure Systems were around.  

Once you have completed your analysis, and have a valid, reliable and supported hypothesis about the type of weather that we can expect these pressure systems to cause, present your findings to the Editor.  Use the format guidelines found on the main page of this activity.  Be sure to include at least two maps which support your hypothesis.