Weather Analysis for Warm Fronts
What kind of weather do Warm Fronts bring?

Warm fronts are often seen affecting the weather in North America.  Like other weather systems, they are likely to move from West to East.  

Examine your maps to determine which areas have been recently affected by a warm front.  Consult the resources available to you to see what kind of weather was present when the warm front was near an area.  Be sure to compare the weather conditions on either side of the front boundary, since weather conditions often vary depending on whether you're behind or in front of, the front.

Formulate a hypothesis which describes the type of weather one could expect when a warm front is approaching. Refer to other maps to confirm your hypothesis.  When you're sure you know what kind of weather warm fronts can bring, select at least two maps which show the type of weather you've chosen being caused by a nearby warm front.  

Submit your hypothesis, using the Format Guidelines, to your Editor.