Your grade in Science will be based primarily on the work that you do.  You will have the usual assortment of tests and quizzes.  Tests are always announced a week or so in advance of the date they will be given.  I will always give you a complete, typed sheet of review questions prior to each test (usually about a week prior to the test).  When I write the test, I will use questions from this review sheet.  If you’ve learned everything on the review sheet, you should expect to get a 100% on the test.

I never give open-notebook tests.

 I rarely allow you to make up a failed test grade.

 It’s best to give each test your best shot.  Prepare yourself well for each challenge, and then live with the results.  If you adequately prepare yourself, you will do fine on my tests. Quizzes are generally announced beforehand, but not always.  It pays keep yourself current and prepared for class.  After we’ve discussed a topic in class, you are responsible for that topic.

When homework is assigned, its intent is to reinforce something that went on in class, or designed to prepare you for something that is going to happen in class. Homework assignments are due when they are due.  Homework is never worth as much if it is turned in late.  Many nights I will not even assign a specific homework activity.  On these nights, it’s your responsibility to review what happened in class, and be sure that you remember and understand what went on. 

Any questions that you have about a particular topic should be brought to my attention in class, as soon as possible.  It's likely that you’re not the only person with that question anyway, so other students might benefit from hearing another discussion of the topic.  

I will generally only allow you to work on some sort of extra-credit assignment if I feel that you’re already working pretty hard, and your grade needs a little boost.  Usually, those students who think that they need “extra-credit” really just need to spend a little extra time on the assignments given in the first place. If you work hard, your grade will reflect that effort, and you shouldn’t need anything “extra”.

 Each quarter you’ll be involved in a variety of activities, some where you’ll work alone, other times you’ll work with a partner, sometimes you’ll work with a group.  Sometimes you will get to choose with whom you work.  Sometimes, I will choose partners for you.  Sometimes, groupings will be chosen by random chance.  Progress reports go home four times each year, and the midpoint of each ranking quarter.  These reports will contain my latest computation of your grade.  You (or your parents) may of course, check your current grade at any time.

Science class will be a lot of work. If you choose to do the work, you will achieve grades that will make you and your parents proud.  Best of all, you will learn a lot about this wonderful planet on which we live. 

Knowledge is Power.