Total Solar Eclipse
A Total Solar all of it's glory!

This view of a total solar eclipse is rare. It is visible from only a small portion of the Earth. While people in the eclipse viewing area get to feast their eyes on this treat, other people, in other areas of the world would see only a partial solar eclipse, or no eclipse at all. On top of that, total solar eclipses only happen rarely, so, needless to say, a person could have to wait for quite some time for an eclipse like this to be visible from their location. Because of this, many people, including astronomers both professional and amateur, often travel to the specific location where an eclipse would be visible. People have been known to plan their vacations in such a way that they will be present when the eclipse becomes visible for a short time. Astronomers are able to predict when and where eclipses will occur far into the future, because they are able to accurately predict the future motions of our moon, the sun and the Earth. In the Astronomy Links section, check out the Eclipse Timetables to see when an eclipse will be visible near you in the future. Check out the Eclipse Viewer while you're at it!