Mrs. Easler

Grade 7 and 8  Science Rm  205                                                       Chemists.png


phone: 207.453.4200 x2339

contact times: 2:15-2:45 Mon.- Fri.

other times by appointment

Students may access this Portaportal Site for access to science activities:

Learning will take place through various methods of instruction such as:
«     Reading assignments
«     Class discussion
«     Journaling
«     Lab experiments
«     Demonstrations
«     Internet activities
«     Research
«     Observation
«     Use of multimedia- video, library, etc.
«     Use of technology- digital camera, Smart Board, probeware,
«     Integrated math/science lessons
Students will be expected to produce different types of work:
«     Lab experiments
«     Formal lab reports
«     A working portfolio
«     Daily in class activities
«     Journal entries
«     Projects
«     Tests
«     Quizzes
«     Notes
«     Vocabulary activities
«     Posters

All students are expected to come to class prepared with a 3 ring binder, pencil, textbook, assignment book and laptop. Their preparedness will assist them in completing the required work.
Students’ work will be assessed and evaluated in various ways which will include both formative and summative assessments.
«     Numeric grades are calculated as a percentage of the number correct out of the total number of problems.
«     Other grades will be earned through the use of scoring guides (rubrics or performance lists) with specific expectations.  
«     Self assessment using scoring guides or explanations of what the student learned and how much effort they put into the product.
«     Teacher observation of work habits such as preparedness, completion of work on time and working with others.
«      Grades for report cards and progress reports are calculated based on percentages (which may vary year to year) of different categories of work such as: tests, quizzes, journals, work habits, classwork, and homework.
Work is to be completed satisfactorily and on time.
Make-up due to absences shall be handled according to the student handbook.
Students are not allowed to “take” zeroes for incomplete work. If an assignment is not completed, it needs to be completed. In the meantime, students will receive an incomplete (I). A completion contract, after school detention, parent contact and/or study hall time may be designated in order for the work to be completed.
 First and foremost in the science lab is SAFETY! Students will be instructed in specific safety procedures and rules. Students and parents will be required to sign a safety contract.
At all times, students are to follow the LJHS Standards of Behavior as outlined in the student handbook:
«     Be respectful of people and property.
«     Practice courtesy at all times.
«     Be in the classroom on time and prepared to learn.
«     Solve conflicts appropriately.


Grade 7 Science is a broad coverage of many topics including ecology, chemistry, and physical science.  We spend a great deal of time teaching students how to think like scientists, how to use the scientific method and tools of science.  The science teachers on both teams feel that science is hands on and minds on.  Our classes revolve around inquiry principles, where our students will use materials to experience science and discuss their discoveries.  We will learn and practice how to experiment, investigate and validate questions about the world around us.  Students will show their learning in a variety of ways including lab reports, projects, portfolios as well as written and verbal expression.  All students are expected to succeed and encouraged to set goals for themselves. 


Eighth grade Earth Science at Lawrence Junior High School is a very diverse program involving study in the areas of Astronomy, Geology, Oceanography, and Meteorology.
The main emphasis of the course is for students to develop a solid base in the four major Earth Science areas, and to give students an appreciation for the working mechanisms that drive the Earth.