Classroom Expectations

Students are expected to follow LJHS' Four Standards of Behavior:

1. Be respectful of people and property
2. Practice courtesy at all time
3. Be in the classroom on time and prepared to learn
4. Solve conflicts appropriately

In addition, students have signed the following behavior contract:

- Respect yourself, teachers, and classmates.
- Respect the space.
- Put forth your best effort.
- Come prepared.
- Follow directions.
- Pay attention and participate.
- Take responsibility for yourself.
- Choose your words carefully.
- No electronics unless directed.
- In seat until bell rings.

Consequences If students fail to follow these expectations, the following actions will be taken:

1st Infraction: Verbal Warning
2nd Infraction: Lunch detention
3rd Infraction: Call home, after school detention
4th Infraction: Student will be referred to administration

*Extreme behavioral outbursts, physical or verbal, will be sent to administration immediately*