Ms. Patterson

7th & 8th Grade Social Studies
Ms. Patterson
207-453-4200 x2361

room 109, available daily from 1:45 – 2:15


Classroom Rules: Follow the school rules and 4 Standards of Behavior.

Welcome to Lawrence Jr. High.  This year in Social Studies your grade will be based on 5 categories:

In-Class Activities & Homework = 20%

Class Citizenship = 20%

Quizzes = 20%

Projects = 20%

Tests = 20%

In-Class Activities & Homework  – homework and classwork will be graded.  Grades are posted in Infinite Campus weekly.

Citizenship  - Every week you will receive a class citizenship grade based on the 4 standards of behavior and participation in class discussions and group work.  Your quarterly grade will be an average of the weekly grades.

Quizzes – quizzes are announced in advance and will be over one section of a theme at a time.  You are expected to take time outside of school to study for these quizzes.

Projects – Projects vary from quarter to quarter.  You will receive a project outline with project details and completion deadlines.

Tests – you will be tested on entire chapters, time periods or themes.  You will be informed of the test ahead of time.  You are expected to take time outside of school to study for these tests.

Absent:  if you are absent it is your responsibility to meet with me after school to make up any missed assignments.  I am here from 1:45 – 2:15 Monday to Friday to assist you.  If you are out the day of a quiz, test or the day a project is due you will take the quiz or test or turn in the project the next day you are in class.

Late work can be turned in for a grade; however 20% will be deducted.  So if you would have received a 100, it will be an 80 if it is late.


Binders:  you are required to keep a binder for this class. Your binder should have 4 sections for keeping worksheets and one section of notebook paper to use in class.  You also need to bring a pencil every day.   Your binder will be divided up into 4 sections plus blank paper:

Keep – keep class handouts in this section.   You should keep them until you have completed the test on this theme.  If you lose them it is your responsibility to get a new copy.

Complete – keep all completed and graded chapter/theme packets in this section; they will help you with future projects and tests.

Explore – keep country profiles, movie notes, geography maps, and biographies in this section.

Score – keep graded homework, quizzes, tests and projects in this section.  Keep your project assignment sheets here until the project is complete.

Blank paper -  for notes and bell work.


Classroom Rules

We will review the 4 Standards of Behavior at the beginning of the school year.  Students are expected to follow these standards and will sign a behavior contract.  The standards are posted in the classroom and are also in the student handbook.

If a student breaks a rule stated in the Standards the following consequences will occur:

1.   Verbal reminder

2.   Lunch detention

3.   After school detention

4.   Student will be referred to the Administration