Ms. Hardenburg

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Ms. Hardenburg


Teacher: Ms. Hardenburg
Contact Information: or 453-4200 ext. 2348
Office Hours: 1:45-2:15 daily or by appointment
Course: 7th Grade Resource Room Language Arts and Math

Language Arts:

Course Description: My language arts course provides services to students reading and writing below grade level. Students will work on grade level standards with modified lesson plans and materials. Students will utilize the same core texts as other 7th grade classes as appropriate. Writing instruction will focus on grammar, editing, and organizing information. Students will write narratives, informational texts, and argumentative texts. Spelling instruction will focus on phonics patterns.

Course Objectives: To view the course standards for 7th grade click on the link below "Common Core Standards ELA".  This document lists all Language Arts Standards for grades K-12. Please begin at page 34 to view grade level. Common Core Standards

Course Description:
Students previously completed the fourth grade district curriculum. They are working on the district fifth grade math curriculum this year. This curriculum is aligned with the Common Core Standards for grade 5. The curriculum is sequential and teaches all of the standards for fifth grade. Students will be introduced to 6th and 7th grade standards appropriate for individual students.

Course Objective: Students will master the Common Core Standards for the grade level taught. Students will also develop number sense through the use of place value charts, number lines and hundreds charts. Common Core Standards

Classroom Expectations: Language Arts and Math class are learning environments, so it is important that you leave your social concerns outside.

  • Be Respectful of people and property
  • Practice Courtesy at all times
  • ​Be in the classroom on time and prepared to learn
  • Solve conflicts appropriately

There may be a time when a student struggles with these expectations. A reminder will be provided, and if the behavior continues, the student will be assigned lunch with me to discuss and problem solve. If this does not resolve the problem, a call home will occur, with after school detention as a possible outcome.

Grading Policy: Most assignments are worth 100 points in the online-grade book, but not all assigned tasks will be graded.
Any assignments that are passed in late or earn a failing grade can be made up until the test over that topic is given and still earn full credit for the late assignment. Absences happen, but it is your responsibility to come to me to find out what you missed.