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Mr. Hicks


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Mr. Hicks

Mr. Hicks.

I am entering my 28th year of teaching French as I continue teaching 8th grade this year at Lawrence Junior High.  Over the past 35 years I have studied French language and culture in France, Québec and Fort Kent, Maine.  I very much look forward to sharing my knowledge of and love for the French language with the students of Lawrence Jr. High.  

I can be reached at school,  office hours in room 216:  M& W 2:15-2:45   T,Th & F 7:15-7:45 AM or by appointment.

207-453-4200  ext.2343

Here is the Syllabus for 8th Grade French.  


Classroom rules:

1- Be safe.  

2- Be respectful of others and of the property of others. 



Welcome to the study of French.  My goal for each student is that you attain basic French expressions, vocabulary, pronunciation and culture and begin to communicate in French.  Because  you will be graded for French class I wanted to make sure you understand how your grade will be formulated.  Your grade will be based on the following criteria:

In-Class Activities = 25%

Projects = 25%

Quizzes = 25%

Tests= 25%


Here is why:

In-Class Activities and homework - Most of your vocabulary will come to you through activities designed to expose you to French.  Participation in these activities is vital to success  You will receive a weekly class activities grade.  You will have at least 3 in class assignments each week.  Some will be written and some oral. Your quarterly in-class activities grade will be an average of your weekly grades.

Projects-  You will show your understanding of vocabulary by creating projects that you will share with the rest of the class.  You will be graded for each project not only for your own work but for being a respectful audience for others.

Quizzes- As your ability in French increases to you will have a chance to show what you know and what you can do by completing quizzes.  Quizzes will cover only one topic at a time such as days of the week, months of the year, numbers, colors etc.

Tests-  In order to assess your over-all ability in French you will complete one test at the end of the quarter.  The test will cover a combination of topics.  There will be a review of material before the test.