Mr. McGee

Lawrence Junior High School 8th Grade Physical Education Program 

 Mr. Mcgee

Physical Education Teacher




Class Objectives

The Lawrence Junior High School 8th grade physical education program focuses upon “Wellness” in our society.  We believe that Wellness is an integral part of an individual’s success, both as a citizen and a person.  Our program is designed to give students the knowledge and skills empowering them to reach their highest potential, physically and mentally.

In our program, a student’s self-respect and self-esteem will be enhanced through a process that emphasizes continual development of knowledge, skill and attitude.  As a function of this process, our expectation will always be that every student strives to meet his or her own highest fitness potential.  At this age, value judgments are forming, and students are in the process of learning to deal with their peers, both in work, social situations and play.  It is my goal that all students are offered an opportunity to participate in selected activities allowing them a chance to interact with their classmates in a positive and growth-enhancing manner.

8th grade students will receive physical education five days a week for one quarter of the school year (approximately nine weeks).  The number of lessons for each activity presented will vary from a minimum of four class periods to a maximum of ten class periods.

Students who take part in the physical education program at Lawrence Junior High School will learn the benefits of participation and the overall positive contributions that Lifelong Fitness can bring to a person’s life.


Grade calculation:  50% participation/50% behavior

Students can earn from 0-10 points/daily


Course Grading

Grade calculation: 50% participation/50% behavior

Students can earn from 0-10 points/daily

Maine Learning Results

Meeting the Maine Learning Results through Physical Education


 Students will acquire the knowledge needed to be physically fit and take part in healthful physical activity on a regular basis

(Maine State Learning Result P.E. A-2)

 Students will participate in physical activities, reach a higher level of performance which in turn increases the likelihood of continued participation in the future.

(Maine State Learning Result P.E. A-2, B-7)

 Students engaged in physical activities are expected to demonstrate self-respect and consideration of others as they seek to meet a challenge or solve a problem.

(Maine State Learning Result P.E. C-4)

 Students will be able to explain and apply more advanced knowledge of sports/activities.

(Maine State Learning Result P.E. B-2, B-7)

 Identify and apply rules and procedures designed for safe participation.

(Maine State Learning Result P.E. A-8)

 Assess health related fitness levels and develop personal fitness goals.

(Maine State Learning Result H F-5, P.E. A-4)

 Demonstrate appropriate stretching and warm-up exercises that enhance the performance of activities.

(Maine State Learning Result P.E. A-7)

 Apply a decision-making process to the safety of themselves and others in activity settings.

(Maine State Learning Result H F-1, P.E. A-8, C-2, C-7)

 Recognize the influences of peer pressure on individuals during physical education and not make fun of any students.

(Maine State Learning Result P.E. E-1, E-3)

 Students will work to the best of their ability, they will learn how to maintain a healthy lifestyle through self-discipline and participation.

(Maine State Learning Result P.E. B-9)



 Class Vocabulary

Muscular Strength

Muscular Endurance





Muscle Groups

Swiss Ball

Medicine Ball





Rowing Machines



 Contact Information

After School Hours 1:45-2:15


453-4200 x307