7th Grade Music


COURSE TITLE: General Music GRADE: 7

TEACHER: Mrs. Genness




Mrs. Genness, General Music

The Grade 7 General Music program is a Quarter course that focuses on many musical concepts including tone color, reading, notating, dynamics, tempo, beat, melody, harmony, form, themes, and other related concepts in accordance with the Maine Learning Results. It will also focus on the exploration of music history and composers from 1400-present, diverse genres and styles of music, world music and culture. Students will learn basic technical skills related to computers where they can explore composing, recording and mixing. Students will also develop hands-on practice skills with instruments such as the piano, basic percussion and guitar.page1image8184


Music Reading/Notation/Music Theory
Benefits of Music in the Classroom
Music and Emotions (Garage Band Trailers)
Music Vocabulary
Music History (Evolution of Music, “This Day in Music”) 
Basic Piano Skills
Rider Contract (“Rockstar Contract”)
Basic Percussion Skills (Snare Drum/African Drumming/Drum Set/STOMP)
Basic Guitar Skills
Performance Expectations
Music/Performance Critiques (Live and “Youtube Tuesday”)
Famous Guitarist Project
Garage Band Projects (ABA Form and Movie Trailers)


Students are asked to bring a pencil, assignment book, ipad and headphones/ earbuds to every class. They are strongly urged to participate, volunteer to perform in front of others and be respectful with all instruments/equipment in the rooms.


Students’ grades will be based upon:

* Quiz’s/Notebook Checks 15%
* Tests (Written and Playing Tests) 20%
* Daily Performance/In-Class Work 65%


In this class, students will have an opportunity to work/practice in class so there is usually little to no homework assigned. On the rare occasion, students will be asked to bring work they didn’t finish in class home. When that is the case, it is expected to be turned in the following day unless otherwise arranged with me. Points will be deducted daily for late work.


If work can not be completed in the class time provided, students will be asked to make arrangements with me outside of class time to complete/make up any work. If the student is absent due to sickness or vacation, other arrangements will be made before departure or upon arrival at school. It is YOUR responsibility to email/call or talk to me when you’re out or when you return so you can know what work you missed.


There will be opportunities for extra credit in this class. The first being the “Guts Test” where a student may perform a piece of his/her choice either by instrument, voice or dance. The “Guts Test” will take place every Friday unless otherwise noted. This will be worth up to 15 points extra credit. Other opportunities include, but are not limited to, reading a music article in a magazine and writing a short summery of the article and critiques on performances (Live or “American Idol”/ “The Voice”, “Americas Got Talent” etc.).


It is explained to students on the first day that Music is a class where others should feel welcome to try something out of their comfort zone (i.e. performing in front of others). In order for this to be a welcoming environment, students are expected to treat ALL students with respect. Their will be no toleration for disrespect and consequences will take place if a student is not treated respectfully.

1.  ALWAYS Be Respectful to students, teachers and property.
2.  No Gum
3.  Please do not touch instruments and/or equipment without permission.  


Spit gum out when you enter the room
Clean up your mess, leave your area neat.
Do not talk while others are speaking/performing.
Treat instruments with respect. Put them away neatly.