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LJHS Daily Notice

Lawrence Jr. High School

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Updated June 19, 2017    8:45 AM


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You may sign up for Infinite Campus Portal access through our technology department.   Please call 453-4200 ext. 2373 or for more information.

 Do you have questions about BUSING?  Wondering if your child missed the bus?  Please call our
Transportation office at 453-4230.

There is generally someone in their office once the buses begin their morning runs.  You are welcome to call the LJHS Main office, however, we do not open until 7:00 AM daily during the school year.


Please note that after school, supervised study hall will take place after school from 2:00 - 4:00 PM in the junior high cafe generally Monday - Thursday.  This option is made available for students waiting for practices (that start by 4 pm) or 

for students who have met with a teacher and are waiting for
their ride.  
There will be no after school supervision on early release days and never on Friday--ALTERNATE PLANS MUST BE MADE FOR OFF CAMPUS SUPERVISION.


A few quick notes from the LJHS Office:

  • We do not have structured student supervision in the LJHS buildings until 7:03 AM.  Doors are unlocked at 7:03 AM when buses unload.

Please have your child arrive at school between 7:03 AM and 7:15 AM.  Breakfast is free for ALL LJHS students and is served beginning at 7:03. Students are considered tardy after 7:16 AM.  

  • Please remember that we do not dismiss students during the school day until they are signed out at the main office.  PLEASE allow additional time for us to call your child down from class.  We do not pull students from class until you are in the building to pick them up.  We also do not allow students to wait out in front of the building for their ride.
  • When dropping off items for your child, please put their name on the item.  If it is CASH for lunch, it is very helpful if you put it in an ENVELOPE WITH THEIR NAME.
  • Please limit leaving messages for your child to emergencies.  When calling to leave a message for your child, please do so before 1:30 so that we can be sure to get the message to them before they get on their bus.
  • Remember that we do not take phone calls for bus notes.  Please plan ahead and send the note in with your child in the morning.  We do need those instructions in writing.

You may also send a signed FAX to 453-4214, again, before 1:30 if necessary.  

  • Our school day begins at 7:16 and ends at 1:45.


Attendance Reminder: There are a number of ways to excuse your child when they are tardy or absent:
1) A parent/guardian may call and leave a message or speak to the office either at the start of the day or upon arrival at school
2) Send in a note signed and dated by a parent/guardian with the child if tardy or upon their return when absent. A note from the doctor/orthodontist will suffice as well
3) Come in with the student upon arrival back at school and we will mark the absence or tardy as excused


REMEMBER:  If you plan to participate in sports, proof of physical after July 1 for incoming 7th graders is required.  If, however, you cannot get a physical because you had one in March, for example, a dated, signed note from your doctor indicating "cleared to play sports" and when last seen will suffice.  THANK YOU.  Forms may be faxed directly to our office at 453-4214 or turned in when paperwork collected at the start of each season.

 PARENTS:  Do you have a cell phone?  Please remember to set up your voice mailbox to receive messages.

Also, remember to empty the mailbox from time to time.  
When students and staff call home we ask them to leave a message so please listen to your messages before calling back to save time and questions.   YOU.


YOU MAY NOT BE AWARE BUT   LJHS IS NOW A BOX TOP SCHOOL!We happily accept these box tops now so students may bring them in anytime.  Please contact Miss Fuller in room 208 or at ext. 2340 for more information. THANKS! 

Monday, June 19:

8th grade celebration, 6 PM in the Williamson Center.  Students should arrive at 5:30 and meet in the multi purpose room to line up.

Tuesday, June 20:  Last day of school for students. 

                               10 AM Dismissal